What to love about Trove


Instant record retrieval when you need it.


Millions of records exchanged per month & thousands of care providers connected, along with our patient-generated identifiable database.


Out of the box solutions to use instantly along with tailored and white-labeled solutions to fit your research project or specific needs.


No data mapping required, no additional staff needed.

Identity verification
All users must verify their identity before accessing their records.

Enterprise-grade encryption (E2EE)
We guard the privacy of data both in transit and at rest with encryption, best practices, and external security monitoring.

The standards for protecting sensitive patient information. All Trove Health employees are given HIPAA information security and privacy (ISP) training. 

Our vision for nationwide interoperability

Fully aligned with the principles of

TEFCA’s Principles

  • Empowering individuals to use their Electronic Health Information to the fullest extent.
  • Enabling providers and communities to deliver smarter, safer, and more efficient care.
  • Promoting innovation at all levels.

Trove’s Offering

  • Patients easily access their health records for free, and can receive compensation for sharing.
  • We’re a signatory to the CARIN Code of Conduct and are HIPAA-compliant.
  • Backed by startup accelerators and VC firms like MassChallenge, Underscore, and more.

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