Focus on clinical work, not clerical work.

Trove Health’s interoperability solution gathers health records instantly from multiple national networks across the US with a single integration. 

With AI and machine learning, data is displayed in a format you can use, no additional mapping required, so you can see the full patient story.

Instant access to full patient histories directly in your EMR so you can focus on clinical work.


Reduce administration time dealing with faxes and trying to hunt down patient records

Empower providers to make better decisions with a more complete patient history

Improve the patient experience by having their records from other providers and specialists 

99% accuracy in data mapping

Our AI/ML engine takes all the various records and data coming across the network, structures it, enhances it, and makes it available in a searchable longitudinal record.

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How it works

Access records from national networks across the US through a single integration.

With the use of AI and Machine Learning, instantly use data — no mapping required.

See aggregated visualizations of a patient’s entire history in a single view.

Out-of-the-box options to start right away, or tailored solutions with customer support if you need it.

Cutting-edge technology

We’re using artificial intelligence and machine learning to revolutionize the way we address healthcare issues. 

Our sophisticated technology swiftly collects, evaluates, maps, and structures data much faster and more affordably than traditional methods, allowing us to solve the challenges of today using the tech of tomorrow.

Trove Health is building a next-generation complete patient database, combining access to national networks and a patient-consented identifiable database. 

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